Meet Dr. Con Moshegov for your cataract surgery

Dr Con Moshegov

Hey! Are you based in Sydney? And you’ve been looking for a competent and experienced doctor to take you through a perfect cataract surgery? There’s nothing to worry about. This write-up is a piece of good news for those that want to undergo cataract surgery in Sydney. Enough of running up and down, seeking for a competent eye doctor to rely on. 

Let me quickly chip in this: there are countless eye specialists in Sydney, claiming they are the best. Trust me; if you rely on them, things might go from bad to worse. I am saying this to let you know that it is expedient to know some facts about the ophthalmologist handling your cataract surgery. You might be wondering how possible that is. It is possible because no one will reveal that he is an inexperienced eye doctor. All ophthalmologists in Sydney are claiming they are experienced, and they are competent. But you don’t need to judge their competency with what they are saying about themselves. You need to go the extra mile to search for some things in your life. You can visit their website, check out the number of positive reviews they’ve got. Not only that, there’s a unique way you can know how far they have gone in doing cataract surgery successfully. I don’t know if you’ve heard about Dr. Con Moshegov.

If you want to know the estimated cost of cataract surgery, check this link, it will give you a rough estimate for your LASIK/cataract surgery.

If you’ve not heard about this great man, then you are missing a lot. For people seeking an experienced eye doctor who can handle their cataract surgery without any further complications, I present Dr. Con Moshegov to you. Mind you; there’s no need for any further research about this man. I said that because that is what this article is all about. I want to assure you that the next step after reading this article is to contact this great man and get the cataract surgery started.

Who is Dr Con Moshegov?

Dr Con is a medical doctor that taken it as his responsibility to improve people’s eye health. He is a specialist that virtually all eye specialists in Sydney learn from. He has been in this game for decades now. He specializes in treating cataracts and laser eye surgery.  He is a specialist in treating conditions affecting the anterior segment of the eye—the anterior segments of the eye, which include pterygium and glaucoma. When you call him, probably the first question these days will be are you vaccinated for Covid, at the time of appointment he will test you with rapid antigen test kits, which he believes is a must-have for the safety of his staff and you.

Background information about Dr Con Moshegov

Remember I said earlier that you don’t need to search for any other information about this great man. Everything you need to know about Dr. Con will be revealed here. Dr. Con is a graduate of the medical faculty at the University of Sydney. He was known throughout his stay in school as a man practicing his profession even while still in school. What do I mean? This great man has been doing cataract surgery successfully while still in school. After he left the school, he was called to be a lecturer. He is a senior clinical lecturer at the University of Sydney, clinical instructor for the Masters in Refractive Surgery. This great man also published several numerous papers in internationally recognized ophthalmic journals. you can learn more about this surgery by clicking here.

Furthermore, one thing that amazes me about this man is that he has never for once stopped learning. Presently, this man is still learning skills and techniques to carry out successful cataract surgery. In one of his interviews, hehe said he can’t stop learning, and he wants to do all things in his capacity to remain in vogue. Isn’t that awesome?

Why do you need to consider this man for your cataract surgery in Sydney?

Dr. Con’s testimony is sure. He is among the highly respected and trusted eye doctors in Sydney. He has been invited more than once to train a couple of eye specialists to carry out cataract surgery without any further complications successfully. I will urge you to contact this man if you want to have a successful surgery free from complications. Oh! Do you even know that if an expert does not do cataract surgery, it may lead to complications that can worsen the whole matter? Of course, it can. So, why can’t you allow an experienced eye doctor like Dr. Con Moshegov to handle your case? 

He acts as a Mentor to several ophthalmic companies who hunt for his input into the amalgamation of new technology into the clinical arena. Dr. Con was born and raised in Sydney. Upon completing his therapeutic and professional training in Australia, he embarks on further training in England before starting practice in Sydney. He also did his first refractive laser process in London in 1994 and extensive cataract eye surgery experience. He enjoys his work and takes pride in his squad’s service to patients. 

Here are the things you will enjoy if you contact this man;

  1. A good sense of humour: With the news, I have heard from all that have come in contact with him, they said he’s a man with a good sense of humour. Dr Con has a unique way of showing his patients that all will be well with them. His style is uncommon when it comes to putting the mind of people at rest before, during and after the surgery.
  1. A perfect cataract surgery: This man has a massive record of successful surgery that he had done without any complications. Some eye specialists will do cataract surgery for people, and it will later lead to complications like eye infection and bleeding. You can’t experience that with Dr Con. 
  2. A good customer relationship: Dr Con’s squad are thoroughly trained, and they have a way of making patients feel at home. They are always open to answering all questions their patients might be asking. They are not constantly tired of attending to their clients.


There’s nothing else you need to know about the specialist that will handle your eye that is different from all revealed here. This article is complete. It is all you need to know about this great man. I am not flattering you. Dr Con Moshegov is the perfect eye doctor that you need.