5 Top Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

5 Top Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK stands for the Laser in-situ keratomileusis, a popular medical procedure to correct a refractive error of the eyes. Patients who suffer from shortsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism can use this procedure to regain their perfect vision. After the LASIK eye surgery, the patient no longer needs to wear glasses or lenses. How does that sound?

The LASIK procedure is a vision surgery that involves reshaping the cornea after creating a flap on the cornea surface. Meanwhile, the cornea is the frontal part of the eye that shields the lens. When light enters the eyes, it passes through the cornea and lens while forming an image on the eye retina. 

5 Top Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK changes the story of people who have been long used to wearing glasses to have a restored sight. This article weighs the top 5 benefits of this LASIK eye surgery as follows;

Long-lasting result

One outstanding benefit of the LASIK procedure is that you can get a long-lasting result with this process. However, you have to play by the preliminary rules for the preparation of the procedure. When the doctor validates your suitability to undergo surgery, you can trust the process to produce a fantastic result. 

Also, the entire operation takes about 20 minutes for the two eyes. After the procedure has been completed, the recovery process begins immediately. It takes three months for the eyes to adjust to the new normal completely. Of course, the recovery process is in stages. You will need a regular visit to the doctor while following every given instruction. 

However, in the end, the results are permanent. In other words, the corrected eyesight can last throughout the patient’s lifetime as it becomes a cure for any impaired vision due to old age or other illnesses.  learn more about LASIK eye Surgery at https://www.personaleyes.com.au/lasik

Improved vision

The patient who undergoes eye surgery using the LASIK procedure also can be confident of an improved vision at the end of the process. Moreover, some studies show that 85% of patients who undergo the LASIK process achieved excellent eyesight afterward. Meanwhile, this vision quality begins almost immediately after the procedure. Meanwhile, the main goal of LASIK eye surgery is to ensure that patients can be completely free from the burden of using glasses or recommended contact lenses. 

5 Top Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

Fast result and recovery 

The LASIK eye surgery results are such that you can begin to have as soon as 24 hours after the eye surgery. Moreover, the specialists established that you could better vision as soon as you open your eyes after the surgery. 

However, due to some patients experiencing peculiar symptoms that may not last for more than a day or two, the time frame for results is 24 hours. In other words, after the surgery, you can begin to recover progressively within the first day up to three months. Click here to read about 5 Reasons why you should NOT get LASIK at a Corporate Centre.

No more glasses 

The implication of all these processes that make up the LASIK eye surgery is that the patient can be completely free from using glasses. Suppose you have a prescription on eyeglasses due to myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. In that case, the conventional treatment is about to end. In the practical sense, using glasses can also become burdensome as you have to carry them anywhere you go. It is not to be compared with the natural eyes that do not require eyeglasses. However, when you undergo LASIK surgery, you can kiss your glasses goodbye forever. 

No contact lenses

Apart from the fact that the eye surgery with the LASIK procedure removes the need for eyeglasses, it similarly eliminates the need for contact lenses. In simple fact, a successful LASIK procedure implies that there is practically no need to worry about getting new contact lenses repeatedly. 

Some of the common issues with contact users are the need to be looking for lost contact or sticking their hands into the eyes. Moreover, undergoing the LASIK procedure also saves you much money. You don’t have to spend money to change your contact lenses weekly or monthly. 

With the spread of COVID, doctors are taking the extra measure of COVID testing before eye surgery, they will test you for COVID either at their clinic or advise you to have a self COVID test before coming for surgery, rapid tests is the one you can do at the ease of your home, these are small testing kits, that may cost you few bucks, with the help of which you can test yourself for COVID in few minutes.

The Cost of Eye Surgery with the LASIK Procedure

Now, you have an idea of the benefits of LASIK eye surgery. Then it is also crucial that you learn about the cost of the operation in Australia. As you may have already learned, several laser eye surgeries can help remove any unhealthy condition of the eyes. But each patient must consult a doctor who determines which laser surgeries can work for them. 

In other words, the cost of laser eye surgery, including LASIK, can vary from one patient to another. However, we will be giving rough estimates of what you can expect to pay for a complete package of undergoing eye surgery with Personal Eye Company in Australia. In addition, depending on the individual’s peculiar needs and the existing prescribed treatment plan that the patient may be having. 

Check out some of the various laser eye treatment plans ranges for below 

TreatmentCost range (per eye in AUD $)
PRK2,500 – 2,750
LASIK3,000 – 3,350
ICL4,700 – 6,200 
Cataracts4600 – 6000 

Apart from the cost of acquiring the glasses and the lenses, you also have some ongoing costs. And going for the LASIK ultimately reduces all of those costs into just a one-time investment. And the result? You get your full perfect vision back without the aid of glasses or contact lenses.


On a final note, if you are suffering from any common eye defects due to refractive errors, you should consider LASIK eye surgery. Gone are the days of using prescription glasses or lenses to manage your eye condition. It is a better choice to get your eyes back to how natural they were at first. Moreover, before finally starting the procedure, attend a pre-op examination where the doctor can affirm if you have what it takes to undergo LASIK. And if not, the doctor will also be able to prescribe another suitable procedure for you.