5 Reasons why you should NOT get LASIK at a Corporate Centre

5 Reasons why you should NOT get LASIK at a Corporate Centre

Even though many corporate LASIK centers pose themselves as the largest providers of LASIK procedures to patients, there should be careful consideration before settling for them. Meanwhile, the private eye centers have better flexibility that can assist patients in making the best out of the opportunity. So, instead of a corporate LASIK eye surgery procedure, you should choose local LASIK centers or service providers with diversified eye surgery services. 

5 Major Reasons Not to Get LASIK at a Corporate Eye Centre

Too Huge for Sustenance

The corporate LASIK centers are reasonably large companies with much sophistication. However, some external realities in the environment add to the pressure to thrive in a unique economy often threatens their survival. For example, suppose banks and other industries struggle in the current economy. How many more struggles can the LASIK centers have? Particularly, when consumer spending begins to reduce, then the corporate companies may struggle to cope. And at times, they may be here today and then gone tomorrow.

5 Reasons why you should NOT get LASIK at a Corporate Centre

One-trick Ponies

The corporate LASIK centers often only specialize in LASIK while ignoring all other kinds of laser surgeries. This case limits their efficiency in dealing with all kinds of refractive errors. For example, apart from LASIK Eye Surgery, we still have SMILE, ICL, Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), and PRK. But when a corporate eye center only works with LASIK, patients who need a more appropriate procedure cannot get their service. In such cases, the doctor or examiner may recommend another system apart from LASIK. On the other hand, a diversified service for eye correction is found in private centers with more sophisticated technological tools.

Revolving doors

The surgeons who incorporate eye centers are often employees with no stake in the business at all. As a result, the management may be forced to be switching them over constantly, which threatens the consistency in the quality of service to them. While the turnover is usually high, you don’t want to use a surgeon that will not be around the next time for your schedule. For instance, I know of a corporate eye center that has changed its primary surgeon three times within the last five years. 

5 Reasons why you should NOT get LASIK at a Corporate Centre

Commoditization of LASIK

Many corporate LASIK companies like to think of the procedure as a commodity rather than a service. As a result, the eye surgery procedure using the LASIK method is achievable by anyone. The most important decision of the patient will be to find the best and affordable service without prejudice. But that is not exactly true – you should think of the best eye center that can carry out exceptional eye surgery and high-quality service.  Visit http://mightymagsracing.com/5-top-benefits-of-lasik-eye-surgery/ to read about 5 Top Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery.

The right eye surgery center must be capable of expertise and sufficient experience in similar cases. Therefore, a patient should think about the results to get and not the price of their service. And the best way to find such an eye center is to do a thorough background check and evaluation. 

Your background check may involve asking around and doing online research about how well a company is doing in LASIK eye surgery, including past patients’ reviews. Other important questions may include how well their patients see after the procedure and how easy the process was? Whether they experience any pain, and what particular practice are people raving for? What were the subsequent meetings with the surgeons like? 

Lifetime guarantee

Corporate eye centers claim to offer a lifetime guarantee level but with some attached strings. 

Moreover, specific laser eye centers in Australia subject their patients to the following conditions as

  • The guarantee becomes void if there is any need for a retouch or enhancement procedure after the main LASIK procedure
  • The supposed lifetime guarantee only applies to patients with mild short-sightedness. But patients with high levels of short-sightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness may not find these corporate eye centers as being sufficient enough to meet all their needs. However, when you get excellent quality of service of LASIK procedure from the corporate eye center, then the lifetime guarantee applies.
  • Patients do not have the right to participate in the decision-making process during a LASIK procedure. As a result, the ‘lifetime’ refers to the eye center lifetime rather than the lifetime of the eye surgery. Moreover, depending on the number of customers or patients, several patients may not get much value from the supposed guarantees.
5 Reasons why you should NOT get LASIK at a Corporate Centre

Qualities of Great Eye Centres in Australia 

They are remaining at the forefront of medical affairs in Australia is highly competitive. But more importantly, the company must understand where its strength lies even within its area of specialization. The common goal is to use the latest technology and clinical research to produce the best results for the patients. Based on this fact, Personal Eye Centre is in sync to render the best eye surgeries using the LASIK procedure.

As one of the largest ophthalmic clinics in Australia, we ensure that we stay on top of research results while partaking in several international trials and tests of procedures. We also have eye experts who are active in teaching and examination of medical students and cross-examination of other students, including ophthalmology trainees. Moreover, we have an advanced ocular analysis that can provide the most accurate vision solution. This way, our professional ophthalmologists can get a detailed look at your vision health condition and give professional recommendations. At the same time, it takes a thorough examination. It tests records to determine the most suitable eye surgery procedure of all the available options. Therefore, when you finally decide to take the bold decision for LASIK eye surgery, you need a professional consultation. And you can count on Personal Eye Care for that. 


Finally, we understand that LASIK eye surgery involves the removal of the corneal tissues and a slight reshaping to improve vision. It is also very efficient for short-sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The opportunity has finally come for you to get rid of those funny glasses and contact lenses and still enjoy a perfect vision. And when you are finally cleared to take on LASIK, a process that requires careful examination, you can contact Personal Eye Care for the service.